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Rome Collage, A4 Roman Architecture Wall Art


Rome Collage, A4 Roman Architecture Wall Art

Capture your memories of travelling to Rome with this Architecture Print. The black and white illustrations have been digitally edited to add splashes of yellow to brighten up every room in an Abstract format. This displays the Trevi Fountain Art Piece, the Pantheon Art Piece and the Colosseum Art Piece.

The Rome Collage features illustrations of the beautiful pieces of architecture made by the Romans across a vast amount of time. The Colosseum was created in around 82 CE and opened with 100 days of games for around 50,000 spectators to see. The colosseum was the perfect way for the Roman emperors to keep order and strengthen their empire. It ensure citizens were happy and content with their rule. It also enforced law and order by showing spectators what happens to criminals in the Roman empire. This may be being made to fight animals or another criminal in the ring. The colosseum’s façade was originally marble, however, in the rise of the Holy Roman Empire this marble was stripped off to be used in St Peters Basilica just over the river in the Vatican. Compare this to the Trevi Fountain which was made during the Renaissance in 1762. This is one of the best examples of baroque architecture in the world along with St Peter’s Basilica not far away. Then also the Pantheon which has been temples for a variety of religions such as Paganism and Christianity and still houses the worlds largest unsupported dome in its roof structure. It really is a spectacle!


Rome Collage, A4 Roman Architecture Wall Art

All prints are checked by both me and the printing company to ensure that they are of the highest quality. All prints are carbon neutral and the paper used is around 100% recycled so adding one of these beautiful pieces will not damage our earth one bit! Prints are printed on 350gsm texture art paper to give an amazing aesthetic and quality feel. All prints will be signed by myself unless asked otherwise. All prints are sent off 1st Class with Royal Mail so they will be with you in no time.

Framing for this print is an A4 Black Gallery frame with a luxurious border which is hand selected by the artist to be the perfect match for this piece. The Black Gallery frame measures 30cm x 40cmn and elegantly displays the art perfectly in every home due to the timeless colour and style

Hewitt Sketches provides premium quality artwork for your every need. Our process is clear, professional and sustainable and will look beautiful in your home, irrespective of the style as architecture and line art is timeless. Immerse yourself in the detail and quality of the illustrations with every piece signed, professionally checked and reviewed at every stage of its creation.

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