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Gold Leaf Art Print Collection

Learn more about the Gold Leaf Collection, the process of making Gold Leaf Artwork and the Gold Leaf art print selection available

The Gold Leaf Art Print Collection is the premium quality artwork collection from Hewitt Sketches. Each piece is hand signed, hand embossed and hand finished making each piece unique in their own way due to the gold leaf application process. Great care is taken with each Gold Leaf piece ensuring that the application is precise and transforms the luxury art print into a beautiful, one of a kind piece of art. The Gold in the collection contrasts and compliments the black linework and framing to produce a really effective spectacle, highlighting key features or bit of the environment such as water around the building. This adds depth, complexity and a unique charm to every print.

Artwork available with Gold Leaf

Find out more about the Artist’s Hand Drawing process and hatching methods

Gold Leaf Art Print
Gold Leaf Hand Embossing process on the beautiful Top of the Liver Building Illustration
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