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  • Liver Building Coaster

    Architectural Coasters by Callum Hewitt: Hand-drawn Art Meets Functional Homeware

    Artistic aesthetics and function unite with Callum Hewitt’s collection of hand-drawn architectural coasters. These captivating coasters showcase Hewitt’s passion for architectural design and bring stunning works of art to your table, enriching your everyday lifestyle. Liverpool-based artist Callum Hewitt transforms functional homeware items into veritable masterpieces, bridging the gap between art appreciation and practical use. …

  • Front cover

    The Lloyds Building Original Artwork by Callum Hewitt

    The Lloyds Building, a prime example of innovative and bold architectural design, stands proudly within London’s financial district, capturing the imagination with its unique appearance. Renowned for its functional, exposed structure and mesmerising visual impact, this landmark provides the perfect canvas for Callum Hewitt’s hand-drawn original artwork. Liverpool-based artist Callum Hewitt skilfully captures the distinctive …

  • The Great Clock of Westminster, London Original Artwork by Callum Hewitt

    The Great Clock of Westminster, more commonly known as Big Ben, stands tall as a symbol of timeless elegance and historical significance in the heart of London. For countless admirers, this iconic structure represents a profound connection to the city’s rich past and awe-inspiring architectural achievements. It comes as no surprise that Callum Hewitt, a …

  • Liverpool Panoramic

    Uncover the Liverpool Waterfront Panoramic Art Piece: A Limited Edition Masterpiece

    Welcome to an exclusive journey through the mesmerising Liverpool Waterfront Panoramic Art Piece, a limited edition print that masterfully captures the historical and architectural beauty of the city’s waterfront. In this blog, we will explore the intricate details of the captivating artwork, discuss its limited edition nature, identify the significant buildings within the print, and …

  • Nagakin Capsule Tower

    Inspiring Creativity: The Artful Process Behind Callum Hewitt’s Architectural Prints

    The process of creating art is a deeply personal and intricate experience, replete with diverse techniques, labour, and an immeasurable passion for the craft. When we engage with a piece of art, we immerse ourselves in a world that is an extension of the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and perspectives. Callum Hewitt of Hewitt Sketches is …

  • Louvre

    The Art of Architectural Illustration: Dive into Hewitt Sketches’s Techniques and Artistic Process

    The age-old practice of architectural illustration has been captivating audiences for centuries, allowing the viewer to delve into the intricate details and narratives of iconic buildings and spaces. In the realm of architectural art, few artists possess the skill set and dedication to convey the essence of a structure as accurately and beautifully as Hewitt …

  • Hewitt Sketches’s Architectural Art: The Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

    Choosing the perfect gift for someone special can often be a daunting and challenging task. Ideally, a gift should not only be useful and unique, but also serve as an extension of our appreciation for the recipient, conveying our heartfelt emotions and creating a tangible connection between the giver and the receiver. Hewitt Sketches’s meticulously …

  • IMG 1635

    Unraveling Hewitt Sketches’s Unique Process and Techniques in Architectural Prints

    Art has an innate ability to captivate, inspire, and evoke emotions, transcending the visual domain and touching the very depths of human creativity and connection. This distinctive power, inherent in the works of Liverpool-based artist Hewitt Sketches, transports viewers on a journey through time and space, as his hand-drawn architectural prints reveal the unique stories …

  • IMG 0368

    The Perfect Blend: Architectural Inspirations for Home Interior Design

    The captivating world of architecture surrounds us in our everyday lives, with intricate designs and iconic buildings inspiring the spaces we inhabit. Hewitt Sketches offers a unique way for architecture enthusiasts, interior designers, and gift buyers to celebrate the art of architecture through a range of architectural prints and homeware products. As we spend an …

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