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Mann Island Building, Liverpool



Mann Island Building, Liverpool

The Mann Island Building, Liverpool Art Piece is an amazing gift for those who love to work here, visit here, love Liverpool or admire this style of Modern architecture. This Black and White Line Drawing is the perfect addition into your home, with extremely detailed linework in shading it will add depth and character into any room.

The Mann Island Building is home to many businesses are people with a wing of luxury apartments and a wing of businesses and art galleries such as the Open Eye Gallery and RIBA North. An iconic building on the Liverpool Building, characterised by its mirrored black fa├žade. Often called the ‘fourth grace’ due to its location in comparison to the Original Three Graces of Liverpool built in the early 20th Century. The building cleverly reflects the image of the neighbouring Port of Liverpool Building to ensure that its presence doesn’t impact the view or significance of the Three Graces in Liverpool

Professional Quality Fine Art Print on 100% recycled 350gsm 297mm x 210mm Unicorn White Fine Art Paper. Made from post consumer waste, this fine art print is extremely sustainable and environmentally friendly. Deep black ink and textured paper gives the effect and quality of a hand drawn original, for a fraction of the price. With high UV resistance and a neutral PH, this fine art print stands the test of time and is extremely resistant to fading unlike many alternatives.

An A4 Black Gallery frame with a luxurious white border is hand selected by the artist to be the perfect match for this piece. The Black Gallery frame measures 30cm x 40cm and elegantly displays the art perfectly in every home due to it’s timeless colour and style. Hewitt Sketches Black Gallery frames have a wooden border, picture framing glass and metal clips to hold the wooden back of the frame. A carboard mount is included to display your fine art print. Hewitt Sketches Black Gallery frames use picture framing glass which further reduces the fading and ageing of fine art prints, ensuring your print is protected from UV light. Framed fine art prints are delivered ready to hang in a recyclable carboard box with extra protection around the frame within. Allowing the box to be recycled or reused to reduce the environmental impact of packaging.

Hewitt Sketches provides premium quality artwork for your every need. Our process is clear, professional and sustainable and will look beautiful in your home, irrespective of the style as architecture and line art is timeless. Immerse yourself in the detail and quality of the illustrations with every piece hand signed, professionally checked and reviewed at every stage of its creation. Making each fine art print a special, unique gift for your loved ones.


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